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Metal Roofing

Commercial & Residential Metal Roofing Services in VT

Metal roofing is well established as one of the most durable types of roofing you can find. It’s particularly desirable for flat roofs as it can stand up to heavy water and snow pressure without faltering.

Metal roofing is one of the most popular choices for commercial buildings. Since commercial buildings tend to be larger than residential buildings, they can’t always sustain steep pitches. These flat roofs benefit from the sheer strength of metal. On top of that, metal is one of the most cost-effective choices for roofing.

In residential applications, metal roofs are frequently used to cover patios, storage sheds, and other roofs that are separate from the main house. However, more and more, homeowners are appreciating the longevity and protection that metal offers over their homes as well. Metal offers these structures the same benefits that make it so popular for commercial applications.

Total Roofing & Service offers a full range of metal roofing services in Southern Vermont. We can install new roofs, repair existing roofs, restore roofs that need major work, and upgrade roofing for any building. We can also make recommendations on coatings for metal roofs that can add to their longevity and improve their ability to serve specific functions. Contact us today to learn more about our Southern Vermont metal roofing services.

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Partner with an expert team if you are interested in placing a metal roof on your house. If you would like to learn more about how a metal roof could be right for you, reach out to us today..

If you have or want a metal roof in Southern Vermont, you need contractors to do all of the work it requires. Contact Total Roofing & Service today. We’ll be happy to work with you on your project, and we’ll invest every effort to provide you with a good experience and great results.

Metal Roofing Installation

If you have a building that needs a metal roof, we can install it. We are available for new construction projects, and we install metal roofs as an upgrade for standing buildings. In either case, we will help with the design of the roofing application, and we’ll get the metal installed with precision. We’ll ensure that it is properly installed and sealed to prevent problems that sometimes plague metal roofs early in their life.

Metal roofing installation is a large project, and you want a company with vast experience. Because we have been doing this for more than 40 years, we have the means to plan around common issues with the installation process. We can guide you with proper expectations, and that will allow us to do the work with minimal disruption to your daily life or business operations.

Metal Roofing Replacement

Metal roofing is one of the strongest roofing types in the business, but it still doesn’t last forever. While a quality metal roof should last for decades, severe weather systems can shorten its lifespan. Hail can dent the roof and create points of ingress. Harsh weather can also damage seals and coats on the metal that are designed to prevent oxidation and degradation.

If you have a metal roof, it will eventually need service. The first step in that service is having a professional inspect the roof. We offer that service, and we’ll give you a quote for resolving any issues we find.

If damage is widespread enough, the metal roof will need replacement as opposed to repair. We offer metal roofing replacement services. We’ll inspect the roof to determine the best options for replacement and present them to you. As you weigh your choices, we can help you make an insurance claim to get financial support for the project.

When you need a metal roof replacement, Total Roofing & Service is here to help you through the entire process. We’ll make sure everything is done correctly, and your new roof will be ready to endure the weather and survive for many years.

Metal Roofing Restoration & Repair

Not all damage to a metal roof requires total replacement. Because metal roofs are so tough, it’s more common for a specific section of the roof to sustain damage. This sort of situation is a prime candidate for repair services. We can patch areas that sustain damage. We can also recoat and reseal segments to guarantee that they are properly waterproofed and able to function properly. Metal repair is trickier than repair for many other types of roofs. You’ll want to be sure that you have skilled professionals doing the work.

Metal roofing is also a candidate for restoration. Restoration is a process that sits between repair and replacement. If your roof needs extensive work but the core structure is still intact, we can do a metal restoration. This will get the roof back to a functional state that can again last for a long time. Opting for restoration allows us to save you money in terms of cost, labor, and waste disposal.

Why Choose Metal Roofs?

We understand that there are plenty of options available if you are interested in a new roof for your building. Some of the reasons why you need to go with a metal roof for your building include:

  • Durability. The reality is that you need a roof that can stand up to the elements. If you are looking for an option that can stand up to routine wear and tear, you need to go with a metal roof. It can stand up to extreme heat, cold, and a variety of other environmental stresses.

  • Longevity. Replacing a roof can be expensive, and we understand that you want it to last as long as possible. If you are interested in a roof that will last for decades, you should go with a metal roof. Depending on the type of roof you choose, it is not unusual for a metal roof to last for 50 years or more.

  • Speed. If you want a roof that can be installed quickly, you should go with a metal roof. When you partner with our team, we will use our training and experience to make sure that your roof is installed as quickly as possible.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of a metal roof, reach out to us to speak to our team.

Types of Metal Roofs

Of course, if you decide to go with a metal roof, there are plenty of options available. Some of the types of metal roofs that you might be interested in include:

  • Aluminum. You might be interested in an aluminum roof. Many people decide to go with this option because it is relatively light and durable.

  • Copper. You might also want to consider going with a copper roof for your building. This is another popular option because the aesthetic appeal and durability of a copper roof is virtually unmatched.

  • Galvalume. You might also be interested in a specific type of metal roof called a Galvalume roof. This option might be a bit more expensive, but it will provide you with some extra durability and insulation.



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